3D Interior Design

Using top of the line software, the staging professionals at Stage to Move are able to create a virtual 3D rendering of your homes floor plan, allowing us to show you different options for how your home can be designed.

Moving to a new home or office? Utilizing our 3D technology tools, you can send us photos of the furniture you want to use in your new space, we can input into the 3D visualizer and begin to create a design plan for you. Planning up-front saves time and moving costs!

Virtual Design planning is also helpful for interior design. By creating a design everyone can see, decisions are easily made. Design plans come together easily and our clients love the ease.

Below you will see an example of how we can turn a basic floor plan into a life-like beautifully designed home! By using modern technology, we are able to maximize our time and explore countless design options, all designed to help you sell your home faster, for more money!

See below for further details on this New York City apartment –


See What Our Virtual 3D Design Software Can Do With a Floor Plan!

Floor plan before using our virtual design service…

Floor plan after using our virtual design service!

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