Professional Staging Consultation

A professional staging consultation is for homes that will be occupied by the homeowner during the selling process and the current furnishings will be utilized.

A verbal consultation involves the consultant and the homeowner walking the home together and verbally discussing all options and suggestions for staging. The homeowner is responsible for taking notes. It generally takes 1-2 hours and the fee is $325.

An alternative, the written consultation, has a written deliverable detailing exactly how to improve each room with a “top ten” priority list. In this option the homeowner does not need to take notes. All suggestions will be written done, by room, with photos included. This option can be helpful for busy people who either can’t be home or live far away and are perhaps selling a home for a relative or as an estate executor. The document allows easy communication and is helpful in preparing a plan to sell. Written consultations are $499.


Example of a written consultation: