Where Buyers Find the Home They Purchase


Happy New Year and welcome to Stage To Move’s first blog! It’s 2014 and we figured its time hop on the social media train…..whether we need to or not!

Selling a home in todays market requires an internet strategy. 45% of the buyers found the home they purchased on the internet. If that’s true, your home better have a great picture and that picture needs to draw you in. It needs to be better than the one they clicked on before. and keep them from clicking onto the next. A buyer is one click away from their next purchase.

How can you get a great internet picture:

  • Use the correct lighting and have it a professional  photograph taken.
  • Stage it.-
    •  You can work with the items you own or for the best look rent neutral, transitional style furniture.
    •  Edit out as much of the furniture as possible.You want to have “3 hips” worth or space available to move about the room. Meaning room for 3 people, typically a man/woman and a realtor.
    • The pops of color should be in the accessories not the furniture. Accessories should be trendy and rich.
    • Wall colors should be a neutral, sophisticated color palette. Selling is not the time to personalize, you want a broad appeal.
    • Floors should be buffed or clean.
    • Remove personal photos.
  • Try to imagine what a high end hotel looks like when you enter it. For example, the bathroom doesn’t have any toothbrushes or dirty towels lying around. The toilet seat is down, the rug is rolled up off the floor and there isn’t a hair or smell to be found. Re-create that look for your buyers.