To Accessorize, or Not to Accessorize? How to De-clutter AND Make Use of Accessories When Staging Your Home

You’ve heard the refrain: staging is all about minimalism. Any decent home stager will tell you to get rid of the clutter, neutralize wall colors, etc., etc. But here at Stage to Move, we are not satisfied with the ordinary; we are interested in the extraordinary. And strategic accessorizing is a part of our plan to transform your home into a highly sought-after commodity. Below are some of our favorite accessories.

First, add some light. Tasteful light fixtures—lamps, chandeliers, candles, etc.—not only accessorize, they also add warmth and brightness to your home.

Second, add some nature. Nothing beats an artful potted plant or a decorative bouquet. Caution: make sure your plants are well kept. Dead (or dying) flora is a major turnoff, and you don’t want a buyer to assume that other parts of your home are not well maintained.

Third, add some art. Keep it simple; choose one or two large pieces per room. And go for style, not for quirk. Remember, this is for the buyer, not for you. You don’t want to turn off a potential buyer because he or she doesn’t share your obsession with cat paintings.

Fourth, add some bins. Space is one of the most sought-after amenities in a home. Placing excess items in decorative bins rather than shoving them in closets (because you know buyers are going to look in your closets) is a great way to let buyers see the full potential of your closet and storage space while also giving you some space to store last-minute items like children’s toys or bathroom toiletries.

Finally, add some books. Hardback books and travel magazines add interest and character and may score you some bonus points with well-read and well-traveled buyers.

If you find that you don’t follow all of these tips, don’t worry. As long as you remember to keep it simple and to add small pops of color here and there, we will take care of the rest. Remember, you don’t want your home to look sterile. Follow these tips and you will reach the perfect balance of warmth and inviting that every homebuyer wants.