Last-Minute Home Staging Tips

You know the feeling: you’ve hired Stage to Move, you’ve made all Kara’s recommended adjustments, you’ve fixed all your appliances, you’ve brought in rented furniture and strategically placed decorative items—in other words, you’ve done everything you can to ensure that your home will sell at its optimum price. But now potential buyers are on their way, and you’re entering full-on panic mode. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Follow these seven tips and you will be stress-free (and your home show-ready) in no time.

1. Double-check the appliances: sink, dishwasher, etc.—make sure all items are cleaned and put away.

2. Add some fresh flowers (or make sure your current flowers are not drooping!).

3. Open all your shades (if you are showing during the day) and turn on all your lights. Remember, abundant light brightens up every room.

4. Go through all your rooms one last time and ensure that everything is in its proper place. Eliminate any remaining clutter. And make your beds!

5. Make sure all your closets are neat—be wary of shoving random items into closets, as it may give an impression that your home does not have enough storage space.

6. Wipe down all kitchen counters and sinks one last time. They should be gleaming.

6. Walk outside. Is your patio neat? Is your walkway clear? Are your flowers dead? Don’t forget that the outside of your home will be the first thing a buyer sees.

7. Now walk back inside and check the odors in your home. Baking cookies to give to buyers may be a tacky touch from a bygone era, but the idea remains—you don’t want your home smelling like what you ate for lunch. Empty your garbage cans, as they are common culprits. If necessary, set out some scented candles, but make sure that the scent is not overwhelming.

Once you’ve checked off all the items on the list, relax—you’re done! Sit back and watch the offers flow in.