How to Stage Your Home During the Holidays

The home market always slows down during the holidays, and understandably so—it can be difficult to search for a new home among the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But as a seller, keeping your home on the market during the holiday season can be an advantage, if you do it right. Those who are house hunting are probably serious buyers, so the holidays can be a great chance for you to attract the perfect buyer.

The main rule of thumb for home staging during the holidays is simplicity. Decorating your home is fine; just don’t go overboard. Clean and declutter before you decorate, always keeping in mind that the holiday season brings more clutter—furniture for guests, decorations, a menorah, etc.—that can distract the buyer from your home’s finest features. Keep the size of the decorations to a minimum to avoid making your living room seem smaller. Choose ones in colors that coordinate with the room and home décor, and, as one stager helpfully adds, don’t forget to shovel the walkway!

Lastly, be sure to remove your decorations (or delay putting them up) before you photograph your home to sell. Don’t take photos with your holiday decorations. They will distract the buyer, and if your home remains on the market post-holidays, they immediately signal to the buyer exactly how long your home has been on the market.


With our help, you don’t have to fear keeping your home on the market during the holidays. So enjoy your mother-in-law’s famous latkes and rest easy knowing that you may just land a great holiday present—a buyer!